Overview and History of Ebooks

In 1985 the Voyager Company was established which published books on CD-ROM's and progressed to "expanded books". Digital Book Inc. in 1993 started selling floppy disks with 50 e-Books in a Digital Book Format (.dbf). In 1998 the first dedicated e-Book readers were released, including SoftBook, Rocket e-Book and Cybook.

Microsoft in 2000 released the e-Book reading software, Microsoft Reader. In 2005 Bookboon.com was started, enabling the download of free textbooks and travel guide e-Books. Amazon in 2007 launched a dedicated e-Book reader called Kindle, which could download e-Books and other digital media over Wi-Fi or the mobile network from the Amazon website.

Over 90,000 e-Books were available, including over 100 New York Times bestsellers. April 2010 saw Apple launch the iPad, which included e-Book reading software iBooks. It also launchediBookstore, a virtual bookstore selling e-Book downloads. In May 2011 Amazon announced its e-Book sales now exceed all of its printed book sales.